Do you have vacant parking spaces?

Then you are in the right place. With our digital parking solution, we will rent your spaces in a few days.nous louerons vos places en quelques jours.

How it works ?

Sign up your parking. We will create a listing on our platform.

We’ll find a client, the listening will be immediately shared with our users

You receive regular income from your parking space every month.


Vacant parking spaces?

On average, 35% of parking spaces in Algeria are vacant. We help you rent them out.


Want to save money?

A vacant parking space can earn you 60,000 DA per year.


We'll handle everything!

Renting a parking space can be time-consuming and expensive. Without the right tools, it can be difficult to handle

Why Garini?

We have an innovative solution to solve your problems.

Regular Income

Our users’ monthly fees help us to generate stable and predictable revenue.

Monthly reservation

Monthly reservation is a good option for owners who want to ensure that their parking lots are well-maintained and secure

Partner interface

With our partner interface, you can easily track occupancy rates, revenue, and other key metrics


We understand that your needs may change. That’s why we offer a flexible platform that allows you to add or remove parking spaces as needed. You can do this online and immediately through our partner interface.

Reassured partners

You would be comforted by the fact that clients commit to a long-term subscription

Centralized access system

Real-time control, parking history: The safest access system on the market

Quick and free implementation

Garini is very easy to implement. Simply add your parking to our platform and start managing your spaces. It has no impact on your existing users and it's free.

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4 quick steps to occupy your parking spaces

1. Introduction

We study your need

2. Selection of available parking spaces

Based on your vacancy status, we select parking spots to rent.

3. Contract signing

Flexible and without commitment contract

4. Implementation and activation

Once your parking is installed and approved, you can start renting out your spaces

Our private parking has been greatly improved thanks to Garini's innovative concept. With a high occupancy rate in just a few months

OUDDA Slimane

General Manager, of the Ibn Badis Mosque parking

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