Safe parking with a monthly or hourly reservation

GARINI is a parking reservation platform available on iOS and Android. It offers available parking spaces for reservation based on the time and location of the user


How does it work ?


Find the perfect parking spot

Garini allows you to access multiple parkings in Algeria. No matter your need, your spot is waiting for you. Find the parking you need in just a few clicks.


Book or rent your spot

Book your spot in just a few clicks from your mobile for a few hours, a few days, or rent it for a month



Your spot is 100% guaranteed. Let yourself be guided to your parking lot and park. Your car is safe.


More easier with our mobile app !

Park at a smart price. In just a few clicks, find, book, pay, and access your parking spot!


Find a parking space for rent in just a few minutes and close to your location. We offer you the best parking spaces from our partner property owners: all our parking spaces are easily accessible and located adjacent to secure residences.

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