Public Parking

Thanks to GARINI, you can open parking lots to a new generation of customers. Today, everyone uses mobile apps daily to make decisions, such as finding the best way to work or finding the best restaurant to dine at. GARINI brings the same advantage to the parking sector by connecting hundreds of parking lots to the digital world. Join our community of partners.


A quick return on investment

No investment is required on your part


Billing and customer service

We take care of everything


A customized payment

We only charge based on the actual traffic we generate for you.


Free listing

Your parking spaces will be listed on our website and mobile app, which are available in multiple languages. You will also benefit from our online advertising campaigns


A digital transformation of your business

Offer your customers short-term bookings or monthly subscriptions online

Your parking at your fingertips

Underground or on-street, for short or long periods, with automatic access and payment.

Download our free application and park easily

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